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Cannabis Balm that works!

I am getting old and I just don’t recover as fast as I did before. Luckily, I was contacted by the founder of this amazing miracle cream. It works! My left knee thanks me every time I apply it. BTW, they don’t only sell the product but they use it as well.

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Camille – San Jose Headshot/Portrait Session

After watching a multiple personality disorder episode of Law and Order: SVU, I got this idea of using the same model in 3 different distinct looks while staying under two hours. I contacted my friend Camille and we started planning this multiple personality disorder photoshoot. 🙂

The “looks” couldn’t be that dramatically different from each other because of the two hour constraints. I’ve been in some photoshoots where the make up and hair alone took two hours so I had to keep this one simple. I perused the websites of my 4 favorite portrait and headshot photographers (Vaney Poyey, Peter Hurley, David Muller and Alan Weissman) for inspiration and after several hours of looking through hundreds of picture, I finally picked 3 looks that are different but simple enough to do. Intense athlete, girl next door and seductive villain are the three looks we choose and I am pretty happy with the result. The strobist info can be seen after the pictures.


Intense Athlete:

  • Minus 2 Neutral Density Filter on my 85mm 1.2L
  • AB 800 @ 1/2 power with a Vagabond Mini on camera left
  • The sun @ full power camera right!
  • 5d MK2 1/160 F11
  • Black and white conversion done in PS

Girl Next Door:

  • Natural lighting
  • Mk2 1/80 at 1.8
  • 85mm 1.2L
  • Warmed up a little bit in PS

Seductive Villain:

  • AB800 @ 1/4 power with a Vagamond Mini on camera right
  • The sun @ “golden hour” power on camera left
  • 5d MK2 1/160 F8
  • 85mm 1.2L

The order in which the pictures where shot also needed to be taken in consideration. It’s easier to poof up someone’s hair after straightening it or add more make up rather than wiping it off. The 3 shots are shown in the order they were taken.

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Softball Playoffs

I don’t really photograph sporting events, actually to be more specific, I’ve never photographed sporting events. Headshots and portraits is what I tend to shoot on most days, however, last week I was given the chance to take pictures of my company’s softball game. I wasn’t too nervous because the pictures were only going to be used for internal purposes but I did learn a thing or two about sports photography.

Things I learned:

1. Be careful especially if you’re close to the action. I almost got hit by the ball a couple of times. It’s definitely safer inside the steel gates but the gate sometimes gets in the way.

2. AF pointer set on Auto. I usually have my AF centered. I pick the spot I want to keep in focus and recompose but the action happens so fast that I can’t really keep up. So my best bet was to set it in auto and go with the flow.

3. One needs a monopod. I don’t own a monopod but I do see almost all sports photographers carry one. Let’s just say that 70mm – 200mm 2.8 IS gets really heavy during the 4th inning.

4. I like sports photography. I think I’ll do more in the future and get a 1.4 extension to lengthen the focal length of my lens.


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