San Antonio – TX

A few headshots around San Antonio’s River Walk Park.

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Telecom Headshot

Everybody needs a good headshot regardless of what industry you are in. Meet several folks from a bay area telecom start-up. Att/Verizon better watch out!

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Lovers Lane SF

Who said you need to be a couple to shoot at Lovers Lane in SF?! Meet Mr. R. He needed a few portraits for personal use and he wanted a unique outdoor place as a backdrop.

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Modeling at the Phoenix SF

The Phoenix Hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in San Francisco. I was able to shoot there with Miss. M. She was amazing to work with and we had a fantastic time.

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Eye Doctor

I am lucky to be able to photograph my optometrist. My left eye suffers from a cataract and she referred me to an amazing cataract surgeon. She’s extremely friendly and very smart to boot. Message me if you want a referral.

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Cannabis Balm that works!

I am getting old and I just don’t recover as fast as I did before. Luckily, I was contacted by the founder of this amazing miracle cream. It works! My left knee thanks me every time I apply it. BTW, they don’t only sell the product but they use it as well.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Banker

Banking is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Miss L. approach me needing professional headshots for the bank she works at, and I am glad I delivered stunning photos that really capture her friendly personality.

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2 and a dog

I don’t often do family photos but I can’t help say yes if they include a dog in the photo!

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Finance Couple

A couple that plans their finances together stays together. Meet Mr. E and Miss. J. They are a powerhouse in the financial industry. They personally help me with my investments and retirement funds. Both are very friendly and super knowledgeable of how your money can work for you.

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MVNCI Royal Court 2014 – Portrait Session

Mimicking the wonderful Dan Winters. I love the way he edits and brings out such character in every single portrait.

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