Victoria Barajas – Portrait Session – Model Development

The stereotypical “model” stands at about 5’9″ at around 145-150lbs. A study done in 2002 showed that among top editorial fashion agencies in Los Angeles and New York, 81% of their “editorial fashion” models were 5’9” and above; 15% were between 5’8” and 5’9”, and only 4% were below 5’8” tall. With these statistics in mind, some women are often discouraged to pursue modeling as a profession due to their not meeting that height ‘requirement’.

Then you have the rare case of a girl so damn driven to pursue a modeling career that even if you threw a book of statistics at her, it would never deter her ambition to pursue this career track, and Victoria Barajas is an excellent example of such a lady. Proudly standing less than five feet tall, I met her on set at the Candy Factory in Fremont during a photography meet up. Victoria’s attitude and professionalism were top notch, and I was genuinely excited to work with her. Vincent Gotti, as always, had assembled a great group of sytlist; Roy from Hair by Roy got Victoria’s hair “did”, Prince Kaleo dressed and styled her and Carla Tersini did an amazing job with her make up.

Victoria is a very talented model and I would not be surprise to see her in print soon.

Veronica Barajas002-EditBlog.jpgVictoria Barajas2.jpgVictoria Barajas1.jpgVictoria Barajas3.jpgVictoria Barajas5.jpgVictoria Barajas4.jpg

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  1. MARIO LAFRENIERE February 13, 2015 at 12:32 am #

    You are a pretty & sexy model and you have a beautiful look too , and you make it without nudity , it the most important thing !!!

    i am not good in english ! excuse me !!

    Go in this way !!!

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